Data is critical to marketers these days. But, data that leads to no action is worthless. It is as good as no data. Today CMO’s one of the top proprieties is to find the talent that can find the insights in this data and provide actionable recommendation to move the marketing forward and business forward.

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This course will teach you Web and Digital Analytics.

  1. Web Analysts
  2. Media Analysts
  3. Digital Product Mangers
  4. Digital Strategists
  5. Search Analysts – Paid or Organic
  6. Social Media Analysts
  7. Email Marketing Analysts
  8. Digital Marketers who want to understand how to use Data and Analytics to enhance their career.
  9. Fresh Graduates
  10. Career Changer
  11. No matter what your background is. If you have the desire and passion, I will teach you the rest and get you ready to land a new job or transition you into a new role.

In this 8 week online program you go through the curriculum that teaches you everything you need to become a Digital Analyst. This is the same program that I teach at universities.

What you get in this program:

  • 1 hr online session with the instructor every week.
  • Get access to lectures and assignment course
  • Work on real data to complete a project – guidance provided throughout the course.
  • Post job support via access to a closed group that has other students – Provides peer support
  • Receive a Certificate in Digital Analytics.
  • Lifetime access to this content

weather you want to excel at you current job or start your new career today. You are just a step away…Take action and enter new possibilities.

I have helped thousands of students become more data driven and taken them from a Journey of Zero to Hero

Have questions or need more information – contact us or call us at 206-973-6869​

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There will be a 1 hour call to kickoff each session as well as address questions from previous sessions.

You can choose to join the call or jut learn at your own pace.

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Analytics – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • How data gets collected – hits, log files, cookies
  • How Digital Analytics works
  • Digital Analytics process
  • Assignment – review a log file to see what kind of data is collected.

Session 2 – Understanding Metrics – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • Overview of various metrics
  • KPIs – what are KPIs and how to define them
  • Assignment – Defining Metrics

Session 3 – Google analytics – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager – Video

Session 4 – Analyzing the data – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • How to analyzing the data
  • Framework for analysis
  • Tips and tricks for effective analysis

Session 5 – Digital Marketing Ecosystem – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing channels and how to measure to them effectively
    • Search
    • Display
    • Email
    • Social
    • Affiliate

Session 6 – Presenting the Data – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • How to measure and analyze campaigns
  • Presenting the data
  • Developing dashboards
  • Preparing the reports
  • Story-telling
  • Introduction to Data Visualization tools such as Tableau/Google Data Studio
  • Develop a dashboard in Tableau / Data Studio (project)

Session 7 – Optimization – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Defining success measures
  • A/B testing process
  • Identify opportunities for improvement (project)
  • Introduction to Google Optimize

Session 8 – Culture and Job in Digital Analytics – 9:00 AM PST – 10:00 PST

  • Creating a culture of Analytics
  • Finding a job – resume tips and support
  • Review of project
  • Q/A

Weekly Call: Thursday 10:00 AM PST and Thursday 9:00 PM PST – This is your chance to learn from the instructor. Each weekly call is for an hour.

Have questions or need more information – contact us or call us at 206-973-6869

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